About efuels 1
efuels was first conceived over four years ago, as part of a vision by CH Jones to reduce the total cost of fuel management using technology based solutions. Since it was first made available in October 2000, efuels has become an industry leading solution. Due to continued investment from CH Jones, efuels has been able to grow with the needs of both our users and the marketplace.
What is efuels? It can be likened to the online banking services now offered by most banks and building societies, only for your CH Jones fuel card accounts. efuels is an interactive website that is designed specifically for the administrative needs of our dealers and customers. Working in close operation with CH Jones internal systems allows efuels to provide real-time information ensuring that our users have information available to them as soon as it becomes available to us.
The website itself is split into five main areas: accounts, cards, transactions, reports and sites. Each of these five areas offers features allowing easy control of your fuel card account.
What's new in the latest version?
Launched in January 2005, efuels has been given a fresh new user interface and some long awaited functional and usability enhancements.
A new interface
We have completely changed the appearance of efuels. The new efuels look is based on creating simplicity using fresh neutral colour, soft gradients and friendly words and images. We believe that visual design is an integral part of the user experience so we have endeavoured to make every efuels page as consistent and intuitive as possible.
The welcome screen (main menu) has been reorganised to bring our users a more friendly starting point when they sign in.
The introduction of 'action lists' to replace the large numbers of buttons found at the top of many existing efuels pages brings more clarity to finding and completing tasks. Action lists can be found to the right hand side of all pages with secondary options. For example if you were viewing a card then you would see an action list with options such as 'change card stop status', 'display reissue details' etc.
We have also added new popup menus to the toolbar at the top of the screen that provide quick access to each of efuels' other main areas.
"The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect."
--Tim Berners-Lee, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Director and inventor of the World Wide Web
CH Jones has endeavoured to meet this philosophy by providing a choice of differing visual styles to each efuels user. In addition to this, we have built in the potential to expand the list of visual styles further in order to meet the individual needs of our users.
By choosing a visual style using the drop down list located in the top right hand corner of the welcome screen, the appearance of every efuels page will dynamically change to match that chosen style. The users preference will then be recorded so that it can be restored whenever they sign into efuels.
We have introduced zero filling for values such as account numbers. For example, if your account number was 1234 then you would only enter 1234 and the number will automatically be converted to 001234, to match the proper CH Jones account number format.

The enter key can now be used to activate the majority of command buttons (excluding save, change, delete etc.). For example, if you were using the search for an account page to find account number 001234, you could simply enter 1234 and hit the enter key and the number will be zero filled for you and the search action will be activated.
Behind the scenes
The beauty of the new efuels website is not just skin deep. There are many functionality improvements and lots of behind the scenes work that will enable CH Jones to further increase the number of features efuels provides in the future and to strengthen efuels further as an industry leading e-business technology platform.
Support requests
A registered efuels user can make requests for support directly into our Service Team's call handling system. There is a link in the top right hand corner of every efuels page allowing single-click access to the request support page.
Fast actions!
We have introduced a new feature called "Fast Actions!". If you already know the account or card number that you need to perform an "action" then you can follow three easy steps: Enter, Lookup, Action!
Account contacts maintenance
We have now included functionality that allows efuels users to display, change or create contact details for their accounts. These functions can be accessed from any account details display.
Transaction downloads
The results of detailed transaction enquiries can now be downloaded to your computer in either Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF) or Microsoft® Excel® format.
For your protection and peace of mind, CH Jones will be operating the new version of efuels using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificated connection provided by VeriSign, the largest vendor of Internet security certification in the world. By obtaining this certificate, it enables all communications between your web browser and our efuels web servers to be completely encrypted.
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